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Thread: Gives me the chills...

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    Red face Gives me the chills...

    Don't know if you've seen this before; I've seen these guys in person and still gives me the chills.

    and here is some background.

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    really cool Randy,
    of course you can't watch just one...
    that link led me to a marine corps silent drill (amateur video, or I'd link it) which led me to the 'top secret drum corps'

    the LOML was in a corps when we were teens. I admire the time invested and the skills involved.

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    Reminds of when my father took me to Arlington National Cemetary when I was a child to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. I can still see it like it was yesterday.

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    To be selected to the "THE OLD GUARD" is the ultimate joy in a GI's life. But the "JarHeads" have their own team, At the beginning of Tom Cruise's A FEW GOOD MEN movie they were at Eighth and I for a marine drill team; which really weren't marines, the young men were former members of the Texas A&M Fish Drill Team in Marine uniform. Fish at A&M are first year cadets.

    There are so many military heritages in the United States that need to be shown to our young people. Our future does depend on our volunteer military.

    Thank you for this post ---- Ray Gerdes

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    Gives me the chills...

    Thanks Randy, Ned.

    They remind me of when I was in the Navy drum & bugle corps. These guys are a lot more fancy than we were then, but that was 45+ years ago, too.

    Have to agree with you too Raymond.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Thanks Randy, I got to see a twilight tattoo in Washington several years ago that the "The Old Guard" did. It depicted the Army from the revolutionary war era till today. The drill team ended the presentation. It was really amazing.


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