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Thread: My wife saw the sale price!

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    My wife saw the sale price!

    I stopped by my local Woodcraft yesterday just to look around and saw that they had the freud FT1700CVEK onsale and showed it to my wife with no intention of buying it. When she saw it was almost half price she told me to get it but when I went to get one I said how about this one instead for only $30 more. It was the FT1702CVEK and she said no problem.

    I don't know if anyone here has tried one but I'm impressed with it. You can run it at full speed and still have a normal conversation while it's running. I think I might mount this router in my router table since it is variable speed and it is already setup to make adjustments from the top of the table and you can lock/unlock the spindle from above the table.
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    That's sweet Alan. Sound like your wife understands tools better than some!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    he must be feeding her right huh royal ,,this isnt the first thing she has gotten him this month!!! she must like buying tools instead of shoes
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    Tool instead of shoes! What a lucky lucky man!

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Sweet router. I have that one and love it.

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    Alan, I'd say she is a keeper...........

    ...................the router is nice too
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    Sounds like you got a good deal. No shortly she is gonna hit you up for some new furniture!
    My plan is to learn to build furniture and I am going to be self taught.

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    Yea, she's been after me for the past 6 months to start the kitchen remodel. I guess I need to get started since I can't use the excuse that I don't have a certain tool to do the work since she buys me what I want.

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    It must be a wife thing, that's the same router my wife got for me last month.

    I've not even used the plunge base on it yet. I took it straight out of the case and put it on my router table. I'm curious as to how well the plunge base works but I'm having so much fun using it in my table (I believe routing upside down is how you describe it ) that it may never come out of there.
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    The wife and router are both keepers! I've had an FT1700 for over 3 years and really like it in the router table. I added a plunge base shortly after they came out, and think it's fine...not best in class, but functional.

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