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Thread: wood in Norman, OK?

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    wood in Norman, OK?

    Next week we will be traveling to Norman, Oklahoma for the wedding of my wife's niece. Our car is having problems so we will be taking my truck. I wouldn't mind getting a load of local wood that I can't find here. I don't know what might be available there (mesquite maybe?) but, who knows? We could stop Monday or Tuesday (15th or 16th) for a quick stop since we will be on the return trip. Enneybody?

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Not sure.

    Been a long time since I was in Norman.
    Went to high school in Turpin 6 years.
    They do have walnut, etc. Limited somewhat.

    Trying to think of someone on the boards that live close to there.

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    Which way you going to Norman? If you're going to come down 412 hiway, I know of a couple of places, one of which is just a couple of miles from the hiway. The name is "Acadian Hardwoods and Cypress". There in the industrial park in Pryor, OK. (918) 824-2508. The other is Johnson Sawmill and is a few more miles out of the way. If you want, PM me and I will try to give better directions. If your going to go down to I40 and then across to Norman, then just disregard all this
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