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    Red face Crib Finish

    First grandson and I want to get this right. I'm using walnut and hate to use stain. My first crib was cherry/ash and I used a water based finish. The colors were fine as it turned out. I don't want to use just the clear finish on the walnut because it doesn't do anyting to the grain. It almost looks unfinished except for the sheen. I'm told the only way to make the grain pop is to use a water based stain. Tung oil gives me the look I want but is it baby safe? Should I consider an oil based finish?
    My usual routine is apply Tung oil in multiple coats and lightly sand in between; or, apply several coats of water based satin finish. I've been happy with these results but the walnut isn't one or the other. Can I put a water based polycrylic over Tung Oil? That would give me the colors I like and a durable finish. But isn't that an oil and water accident waiting to happen?

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    I perffer a few coats of danish oil followed by laqcuer.

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    My suggestion would also be Tung oil. You use it and like it. I like what it does with walnut and it's durability.
    But, the question about toxicity was new to me. So, I did some Googling and came up with several references. This is one:

    Bottom line: safe

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