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Thread: yates 30 bandsaw help

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    yates 30 bandsaw help

    We have recently purchased a yates 30 bandsaw. It was purchased through a dealer but ran in opperation in a stair conpany until it was taken out of service to be delivered to our shop. When we got the machine and started it up it vibrated very badly, and was basicly unusable. Arter talking to the dealer he agreed to do any repairs needed to get the machine back in working order. He removed the upper wheel and shaft housing. He took it to his machinist who sait the shaft was bent (about .008). but that he was able to true the shaft up and install new bearings while it was apart. Once everything was installed again we fired it up and although is is a lot better it still has a vibration. if you watch the top wheel when it is spinning it looks to have a slight wobble. The shaft has no play in it and according to a dial indiator is running true, which leads me to think the wheel is bent. If thet is the case can it be repaired . I have been told that a bent wheel is probibly not repairable, and that these 36" solid wheels are very hard if not impossible to keep ballanced. I would love to have this saw opperational, you can't beat these old monsters, but i'm begining to wonder if it's worth it or not. any imput would be greatly appriciated.

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    Welcome to the family Chris. I can't help with your question but When Reg reads it, I'm sure he'll have some answers for you.

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    welcome chris and just where are you located? reg is around tennesee area, and another forum that could help you out is the OWMF forum.. or jeff horton too!
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    sounds like the dealer still has some repairs to pay for. If you've got a surface gage and a dial indicator, you should be able to measure the runout on the upper wheel. If it received a knock hard enough to bend the shaft, i'd be very surprised if the wheel stayed true as well. I'd start by contacting the dealer again and tell them what's up and that the wheel likely was damaged at the same time as the shaft. If they previously committed to making the saw right, it sounds like they got it half way there and need to address the rest of the problem.
    By repairing the shaft, they have admitted responsibility and should have no problem making it right.
    I don't know about the difficulties of keeping solid wheels true - both my machines have spoked wheels. I would think it can be repaired.

    Good luck with it.
    Paul Hubbman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hubbman View Post
    sounds like the dealer still has some repairs to pay for. ....

    That's what I was thinking too. We have PM'ed on this.

    Also strongly suggested he post his question on OWWM. Better info there than anywhere.
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    My guess is if the shaft is/was bent the wheel has been hit. I would think the
    hub area is bent/warped also. It would take quiet a lick to bend a shaft of that thickness. I myself would think this would also cause axial runout If that is the case. Mister Wizzard, better known as Bob Vaughn, would be the man to ask such a question.
    Like has alread been said I would put an indicator on the side of the wheel to see if it has a wobble.

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    thanks for the input guys. Is there an acceptable amount of run out when checking the edge of the wheel with a dial indicator? And just out of curiosity are spoked wheels better than solid or is that personl preference?

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    Chris I don't know the arguments for solid or spoked other than saveing materials. As far as acceptable axial run out I haven't a clue on that eighter. But I do think crowning the wheels will help tremeously. As far as some of the wheels being crowned, Unless that is something done in recent years I know of nothing about that I only have one BS a 1927 model. All the guys I know have to have the rubber crowned. I don't know about the neo tires.
    What type of saw is yours. A wheel could be found possably

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    I rebuilt a Davis-Wells bandsaw i bought........i sent the upper and lower shafts, bearings and wheels to Davis-Wells in Los Angeles Calif.....guys name is Dan......he repairs all types of old bearings, shafts redone, crowned with new rubber and balanced etc.......he did a fantastic job.....and he has been redoing these old machines for a very long time.......

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    There was another guy that bought one of these on the Sawmill creek forum (With pictures). one of the replies had a couple pdf file with info on the bandsaw:

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