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Thread: Travel Mug Kit $5 today only online

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    Travel Mug Kit $5 today only online

    Check Rockler's website and click on deal of the day. They have their kits for $4.99 today only. I know some of you might be interested. Have fun!


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    And to think I drove rigth past one today and didnt stop. Oh well.

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    They may not have had that sale at the store. Just internet. They had a real nice set of brad point bits on sale the other day for $19, normally $39. Well I hope they are nice. Worth watching, some times they have some great internet buys

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    I don't see the point of making a nice, turned wood, travel mug. I buy cheapies from the discount store, about 99 cents each. Two reasons, if I don't lose them, I'm sure to leave in truck, or somewhere about a fourth full. Next time I open it, the inside is so grotty with mold and yuk I toss in the trash.

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