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Thread: naval history

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    naval history

    Even though it is the off-topic forum, maybe I shouldn't just totally hi-jack Rob's other thread. The content of Rob's thread touched heavily on naval history as an inspiration for model making and I've been more aware of naval history issues since reading it. In fact, I came across an interesting little tidbit of naval history earlier today.

    The USS Oneida was the first great lakes warship and was built 200 years ago a week or two ago. Here's a link with pics of a model of the ship.

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    naval history

    Cool history Mark. Thanks.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Another little know military fact from that time period and that era was that of General William Hull who lost Detroit to the British early in the War of 1812. A court martial actually sentenced him to be shot for his incompetence but was let off the hook. I don't know of any other American general so treated, though that bumbling Paul Reeve was VERY close to that. After helping to cause the United States worst naval defeat ever, he was court martialed, but then had the charges dropped. He was not sentenced to death like William Hull though, even if Hull was let off as well.
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