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Thread: Cherry finish

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    Cherry finish

    I bought some Kitchen cabinets the other day that came out of a nice home. It real cherry except for some MDF shelves. it has two boards missing 3'x 4". I'm not sure I can duplicate the cherry finish in MDF or how to do it. The mdf shelves had a skin veneer. I'd do that myself but these boards have flutes in them.

    Question, am I better off buying some cherry boards or trying to stain the mdf if can be done.

    Thanks Bill

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    Bil because you typically only see the edge of a shelf, could you add some Cherry banding on the front edge? Or if necessary, veneer the shelves?

    Looking back I'm not sure I understood your question. Are the missing boards on the face of the cabinets?

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    Maybe some pictures of what he's talking about might help a little. Not sure if he's talking about the shelves or some missing fluted trim.

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    I'd buy the boards, by the time you edge them the cost in time would work out, Plus you will not get close to grain matching with veneer cherry. Solid cherry is much easier to match up. Take the cherry brush on 3 coats of 50% alcohol 50% shellac wait a day for each to dry. sand between coats then put 2 coats of Min wax tong oil, day each coat, on them set outside in the sun for a day of two to darken the finish. Just one way of getting a natural look.

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    finishing cherry

    I have been making a cherry shaker clock using solid cherry no veneer, to finish it , by recomendation of a professinal, Using boil linseed oil to pop the grain first , let it set after wiping a generous amount on for about 20-30 minutes then wipe off excess with lint free blue shop towel, then set aside for about 24 to 30 hours, linseed oil will set into grain and darken just the grain mostly the cherry will darken slightly as well. Then I mixed dewaxed garnett shellac flakes with denatured alcohol , use mason jar let sit until all flakes disolve this will take several hours , so you could make it the day before, you will want a 2Lb cut or mix , which is what is mostly used in woodworking . Use a good Black or White 100% china bristle brush to apply your shellac ,I purchased mine 2" for around $10.00 at local Sherwin Williams Professional paint store. apply shellac after boil lindseed has dried . Once shellac dries (which will be rather fast) , but I waited for next day to apply second coat you can do it at you discretion , but my clock was bigger than your shelf will be, apply second coat , sand first if you want really not necessary , I didn't on my clock ! apply second coat let dry wait a full day . if you see runs don't panic! All part of it . Using sponge or wood sanding block use 1500 fine sand paper sand lightly you will think you are destroying you're work but it's okay just don't apply to much pressure sanding any runs ,sand till they are no longer visible, then once entire piece has been sanded all edges and sides, take some mineral spirits on another clean lint free shop towel wipe all sanding dust from project repeat cleaning step if still have residual dust once mineral spirits dries, at this point you should have a beautiful shelf. Remember if you mess it up shellac is very forgiving and can be fixed easily... Also dont buy your shellac pre mixed not really the thing to do according to the professional that taught me how to do this. let me know if you try this method it worked great for me my clock is rather more like a piece of furniture now, A shelf made of real solid cherry wood , should look nice . If I understood the ? to begin with , cost to do this process was about $30.00 or less , but you will have some left for other finishing needs enjoy woodworking it's very rewarding, remember "you only get out what ya put in!" later Doug

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    Thanks thats all I needed I'll by the board tomorrow. Didn't think that MDF and all the stuff I have to do to it would work out well. These cabinets are some of the weirdest I've seen. where the two cabinets come together they have a v of two boards. there 4 inches wide 32 long and 45 degrees on each side so when there attached to the cabinets at the seams of the two cabinets they stick out kind of like the peak of a roof only the peak is facing you side ways. Never seen this add on feature before. Looks pretty cool though. It hides the seams where the two cabinets come together (of coarse you have this out cropping of these v boards)

    Oh Frank said laminating the shelves, there is no raw edge shown. I could just see the back of the shelves that they were MDF.

    Thanks for coming through for he again. Got some real smartys here!

    I need to get another camera but there pricey and I've got to count my coins.

    PS these are bottom cabinets.

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