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Thread: Butterfly Inlays - How to

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    Butterfly Inlays - How to

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    On my recently completed project you may notice there are two butterfly inlays near the rear of the top. So I thought I would write up my method for doing them. I usually cut them on a bandsaw. But there are probably simpler ways like a router and jig, which I will probably get around to making someday.

    First I clamp the butterfly onto the top and scribe around with a scribing knife. This picture is quite after the fact but you get the idea.

    Hog out with router to about 1/16 to the scribed line

    With chisel on an angle lop off to the line. Don't go in straight down as this will go into the scribed line.

    Here you can see the angled chisel cut. Pare up to the scribed line with sharp chisel. Perhaps even just a hair under the scribed line.

    Put a taper on the edge of the butterfly.

    Send it home with a mallet.

    Then belt sand to flush
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