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Thread: Wood Stretcher Needed

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    Wood Stretcher Needed

    Well Iím finally back in the shop after 2 months of recuperation. I started to finish (filling pores and dying) the dining room table components that I was working on before my accident .

    Over the last couple of months one half of the top has warped and now has a Ĺ in. bow from end to end. I suspect it has to do with the flat sawn ash, moisture level in the shop (spring has arrived) and I didnít have the dehumidifier running.

    I really would like to avoid cutting, jointing and glue-up all over again. If I do cut it does that mean cutting and planing the other half of the top and the leaves in order to keep all of the top components the same thickness?
    Is there any way of bending it back into shape ie. (put a spacer in the middle and weights on the edges).
    Suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I had some plywood that I had to do something similar with that layed against the wall for too long. I put it on a nice flat surface on some spacers, sprayed it down and put about 100 lbs on each end for about a week until it dried. I suspect since that is solid wood, you wouldn't get the same results unless it was steamed.

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    I'm glad that you can work again Bruce, I look forward to se that table finished
    Best regards,

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    Sorry to hear about your accident but glad to hear all is well.

    Now what should you do with warped wood. What we do in the shop is take a damp towel and lay it down on a flat surface, then place the bowed wood on top with the high low edges touching the floor. Then place a flat heavy object on top. 2 days max it will be flat again. We use a slab of marble, easy to get if you go to the local marble shop and ask for a sink center cut. Most guys will give it to you. It works great.

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    No advice to offer on the bent table top, but I'm glad to see you're recuperating and getting back into the shop after your accident.
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    Thanks for the suggestions and good wishes.
    I had just applied a coat of water soluable wood filler to the table top when I first noticed the warp.
    Now that it has dried out and the dehumidifier is been doing its job the wood gods have retuned the top to its original flat shape.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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