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Thread: Mystery Salt Shaker

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    Mystery Salt Shaker

    This is my take on the mystery salt shaker that was featured in the latest Woodturning Design mag. A pretty simple and fun item to make and could be a good gift giver. The only thing I ended up changing was the size of the hole in the funnel. The original 1/8 hole seemed to put out too much salt. I plugged that hole and redrilled to 1/16 and that seems better to me. I guess it would depend on ones taste as far as how much salt is too much. The wood is maple with just a beeswax finish on it.

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    That is a beauty. I like the form.
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    Very nice, Bobby. I don't get that magazine. How is the top held in place? Is it a friction fit?
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    Nicely done, I might have to try a pepper mill thingy sometime.

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