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Thread: "Your Profile" Link missing

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    "Your Profile" Link missing

    Hey Admins/Mods, the "your Profile" link has disappeared from the "Quick Links" menu.

    I seem to recall that Greg Cook fixed this one a year or two back, but I couldn't find a thread discussing it.
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    Just the words are missing, click the empty space between Edit Signature and Edit Options.

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    frank you been taking to many spy classes,,your readin invisible electrons now
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    Larry -

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    Now where in heck did I park my TARDIS???

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    whoa! That's truly wierd!

    Checking the source...



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    forums can be irritatingly dumb when it comes to links... Larry... lots of times even if a link isn't showing you may be able to know it is there if your mouse pointer turns from an arrow to a hand (or whatever apple cursors do when you mouse over a link)
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