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Thread: Discouraging news, and woodworking has just become that much more of a challenge

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    Discouraging news, and woodworking has just become that much more of a challenge

    I saw the third specialist today for my eyes. Its been around 8 weeks since Ive noticed the first symptoms of something going haywire with my vision.
    I saw my eye doctors man, on his reco, then another neuro specialist, then not getting the answers I wanted, I waited till today to see another specialist that someone I knew recommended.
    Im not getting the answer I wanted to hear.
    This double vision problem has made itself clear its here to stay with me.
    :I cannot cure it, nor can I treat it medically.

    Its quite simple: I obviouisly had some defect for around 55 years in my eyes, and my brain did its job to correct it. And the eyes obeyed.
    Now, they are too old, the muscles are too weak, to listen to my brain, and refuse to cooperate.
    Since the woodworking show, where I was totally out of whack with my eyes, wearing these new coke bottle thick glasses with prisms, the doctor has added on prisms, now I have lines and bluriness but I can deal with the distance vision a bit better, and at least drive to and from work without feeling uncomfortable.
    Night driving is probably going to become a memory for me.
    The two things in my life I looked foward too in my near retirement age, drviing vacations, (I purchased a nice little convertible few years back to enjoy with my wife), and woodworking is now going to become huge challenges for me.
    Thankgod, when I work close with objects, like saws, drills, I can see very clearly, but I can no longer hit a tennis ball or shoot a basketball.
    My eyes are much stronger in the morning, like today, I was seeing without glasses till around noon, then they shut down and that was that.
    Its an incredbily weird thing.
    Im not posting for sympathy, or empathy, I was never clear on which one is which, or anything else other than to let everyone know, the value of what we all take for granted is worth 50 times more than anyone realizes.
    Computer work is difficult for me. The doctor feels in the next few weeks to come, he will keep adjusting a set of glasses for me so I wont get tremendous headaches, nausea, neck pain, back pain, chest pain, when using the computer or watching TV.
    The screen is a bit fuzzy right now, and if I try to focus correctly, Id be off in 30 seconds, the pain is not worth it.
    I did put in alot of time today in the garage, now that things are a bit slower moving for me, I need more time.

    Again, you will never know the true value of health, until you have your first problem.(and Ive dealt with back surgeries, knee surgeries, hernia surgery, 3 cancer surgeries, nothing compares to losing the one thing I always took for granted would be with me)
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    All the best. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

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    My thoughts are with you Allen.
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    Just curious but have you tried seeing a good chiropractor? It is amazing the symptoms/problems our bodies can show when our bones aren't just exactly where they should be.
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    Thanks for the reality check Allen. We often forget to be thankful for the things that mean the most to us. I wish you the best in your effort to maintain or regain vision. Keep us posted--we care; after all, we are Family.


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    Allen, I really feel for you. I hope and pray things improve and you surprise your doctors.
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    I feel for you Allen. I almost lost the use of my right eye in the sixth grade due to a super ball hitting. Tore the retina off the back of the eye. Ever since my pupil doesnt work right and now my vision in that eye just keeps getting worse. I deffinitely wish you the best.

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    Allen, I am sadden to hear of this news. I will hold out hope that somehow it can be managed. I suspect that I am not the only one who has been inspired by your raw enthusiasm toward woodworking and willingness to try anything. Your posts are some of the first I read each day.

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    Really sorry to hear all of this Allen. I hope and trust that it does not deteriorate any further and that you manage to get more out of your woodworking.

    I will no longer complain to my wife about needing to use glasses to read fine print.

    On another note I would go for more opinions if I were you. I know its not the same but I have had a aged family member that for years lived with almost being blind in both eyes (one eye was completely for different reasons) then they saw another specialist and had a cornea transplant and now they can see. I know this is not your case but I lost my awe for specialists a long time ago when money entered the party.

    In the end they are like mechanics, you get good ones and bad ones and ones that are interested in cars for the sake of cars.

    I would get to see a few more before I accept what they are saying.

    Keep the spirits up and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    That sucks. If you're ever out this way and need crash space to not drive at night give me a holler.

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