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Thread: Dust collection / air filtration

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    Dust collection / air filtration

    Well all, especially Vaughn, just went and picked up Harbor freight 2Hp dust collector on the sale I mentioned 179.99 - 20% also went ahead and bought a powermatic pm1200 this baby is a mercedes benz it cost enough got a great deal from a local supplier, I know some people make there own, but I'm tired of having to mod. everthing all the time , but I know Harborfreight dust collector can be moded as Vaughn has shown on the forum I thought I'd try it out first to see how it performs out of box , when I get a chance to set all this up, I'll let you know how it all works. According to the loml no more tools or equipment for my shop for along time! I think she didn't have to much trouble with me spending my last penny on the two item's because they are related to they safety of my health and the rest of the family, also things will be cleaner in the basement. later db Ps Vaughn might have to pick you're brain on HFDC, if I mod.?????? later db

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    The DC is the unsung hero of my shop. I've just got a 1 hp unit that i connect to whatever i'm using at the time (no shop duct work), but it works great. I did add a Wynn Environmental pleated cannister filter, which made a huge difference. The other thing i did was to run it through a remote switch - not really necessary, but it certainly cuts down on the hassle factor.
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    Got to agree with the "Unsung Hero" bit, my cyclone was a LOT of work to build, but man I'm sure glad I did spend the time doing so

    Doug, congrats on the two new items!
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    Congrats, Doug. I'll second Paul's comment about the pleated filter from Wynn. Much better than the bags, IMHO.
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    reply dc

    Thanks all I probably will go with new Wynn filter as soon as things turn around for me dollar wise , I'm going to have to use what I have for now , hung the power matic 1200 Air Filtration system today and ran some Tap whole maple through the planner dust collector not together yet , but I wanted to see just how the air filtration sys. worked ?????? It probably is one of the best investment's I have ever made, I'm sure once the addition of the dc operation at the machines I won't have hardly any mess at all already the air is 1000's times better in the shop. Once WYNN is added I'll be set for sure. later db

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