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Thread: Red Eucalyptus Mortar and Pestle

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    Red Eucalyptus Mortar and Pestle

    My dad mentioned a while back that he'd like me to make him a mortar and pestle to use in the kitchen. His birthday is coming up, so this is what he's getting. It's red eucalyptus, about 4" wide by 3 1/2" tall, sanded to 600 grit and finished with Myland's Friction Polish and a wax wheel buffing. It's been a while since I turned any of my red euc stash. It's pretty dry now, and plenty hard, but it never fails to please when it comes to nice grain. This stuff has the look and smooth texture of marble.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's nothing fancy, but I'm pretty sure my Dad will like it.

    Comments and critiques are appreciated, as usual...
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    Vaughn, that is too pretty to use. I wouldn't be crushing any mint for my mojito in that mortar and pestle...
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    That is a cool project. Its going on the list of to dos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Bower View Post
    That is a cool project. Its going on the list of to dos!
    Mine too.... I tried one about a hear ago from elm, but doesn't look near so nice as yours. Hope you don't mind, but I copied your pictures to my go-by file for future reference...
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    Very nice, Vaughn! I betcha your dad will love it. The grain looks pretty nice to me.
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    Nothing not to like about that. Wood may not have the fanciest grain but it does have a very pleasing color and look. Ye dun gud. He will like.
    BTW, how hard is eucalyptus? Is it like the rosewoods and such?

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    Vaughn that is a beauty. Your dad is going to love it.
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    Vaughn great turning my only comment is that wood is surely not a real challenge for a guy of your talents Eh!

    I mean where is the complexity in the grain. The eucalyptus tree is known as the bluegum tree in SA, and was brought to the country to grow and be harvested for mine props. Its a tough wood and is also used for school desk tops because of the straight grain and the easy glue ups when making panels but it is a rather boring wood in that sense dont you think? The version that grows in SA originated from Australia. Very fast growing wood from what I rember.

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    Saying bad things about eucalyptus to a Californian is close to blasphemy!

    Legend has it they were brought to California for making railroad ties (my grandfather worked for the SDA&E railroad way back near the turn of the last century). It's probably apocryphal, but the story stuck. Once they got there (far from the insects that chew the leaves in Oz), they spread all over, and now they're *the* major vegetation feature along the coasts... especially in terms of height.

    Yes, I've seen some bland boards, but I've also seen some that were stunning. There are at least a couple dozen species that have been widely planted, with lots of variation among them.

    Great pieces, Vaughn. I'm putting those on my list of things to make for presents...



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    Very nice Vaughn!

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