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Thread: Expert(?) Village

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    Expert(?) Village

    In this thread, part of the discussion questions the knowledge of the so-called experts on YouTube and other video sites like Expert Village. Although some of the information available on the Internet is excellent, there are also those who should never be allowed to own a video camera. Here's a shining example of someone who's no expert, trying to give "expert" advice:

    I've seen some of this guy's other videos, and he shows about the same level of know-how in them, too.
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    I got scared when I saw him cut towards himself. I guess he doesn't know that the black thingy is supposed to contact the surface, either!

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    Darn it, where was he when I was looking for good help? One of my pet peeves is anyone depicted using tools without eye protection.

    I was so proud of my grandson (16) when he visited last Christmas. We went out to the shop and the first thing he asked for was a pair of safety glasses.
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    I especially liked when he was cutting one handed as the other was needed to steady the flimsy board that he shouldn't have been cutting with that saw in the first place.

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    Oh my goodness! I just sat here in shock, with my head in my hands, like someone watching helplessly at great distance while a train wreck unfolds!

    I've seen that guy before. I can never tell if he's completely ripped, or making fun of himself, or if he really is like that. If its the third, well, he's unlikely to be in the gene pool much longer...



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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    he shouldn't have been cutting with that saw in the first place.
    I totally agree. A bazooka in a brick outhouse would have been a bit easier to watch. Quicker at least.

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    I don't think his blade was long enough. I thought for sure with the title of this post he was going to cut his leg. Reminds me of the a/c guy on one of our jobs cutting a hole in the ceiling to relocate some ductwork using a 12" blade. Needless to say he had the whole blade in the ceiling and cut right thru a sprinkler line. Made for a long friday afternoon cleaning water up 4 floors down in occupied units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    ...I can never tell if he's completely ripped, or making fun of himself, or if he really is like that. If its the third, well, he's unlikely to be in the gene pool much longer...



    Lol agreed. To be honest, I don't believe that the whole "plunge cut" idea with a sawzall is too terrible. I've seen it done a lot on the jobsite and have even done it a few times myself, but usually just to hack into some drywall for some sort of remodeling... not cut a precise 6 inch hole in a piece of 1/4" plywood flappin around like there's no tomorrow. Little bit of tear-out I would say? Well, pointless of me to give a description, I think anyone on here understands how crazy the video is. My first thought (as I'm sure the rest of you had) was "hasn't this guy ever heard of a jig saw?" But then he at least mentioned it.

    I understand everyone has their ways of doing something, and sometimes they can be a little nuts, but as Chuck mentioned, to post this to be viewed for educational purposes... YIKES! That was unsafe. A sawzall is not a precise tool. SCARY

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    Could of been worse. He could of used a chainsaw.

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    no eye protection?

    taking those eyes for granted that they will never be hurt or injured?

    Put him in a hall of shame...........says the guy that has 1/20th his experience.

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