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Thread: Favorite smells?

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    Favorite smells?

    Yep that's right, another "Favorties" thread by Westley. OK I won't put a limit to 5 this time so go wild. For some reason one of my containers of wood putty is sitting on my computer desk and I thought "man I LOVE the smell of this stuff"... so that's what made me think of posting this, weird I know I'll start out a few

    -Minwax brand wood putty
    -Motor oil and transmission fluid, wow is that just amazing
    -Whatever cutting oil the steamfitters use on their cool machines that cut and thread the ends of pipes
    -Freshly cut Walnut and Red Oak (even though I'm not fond of it)

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    Hmm, favorite smells. Well, I'd definitely go with your last one, popcorn. But it has to be good popcorn, not the microwave stuff everyone seems to be using today. And if you've got a deep cast iron skillet to pop it in, even better.

    Freshly cut grass (no allergies yet that I know of)

    Fresh cooked donuts, as in just out of the fryer. My wife and I had a donut shop a couple of years back and nothing beats the taste of a donut straight out of the fryer. Within seconds it starts to cool down and loses some of that special flavor.

    The scent of a fine cigar, just after it's been lit. I don't smoke, never have, but I do appreciate the smell of a good cigar.

    Any perfume my wife is wearing. Couldn't have a list of favorite smells without that one in there.

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    Favorite smells?


    1. Fresh baking bread.
    2. Homemade Italian spaghetti sauce.
    3. Genuine leather.
    4. Fresh cut grass. (Have to agree with Terry)
    5. Nitrocellulose Lacquer.
    6. The aroma of ripe Concord grapes ready for harvest, in the evening.
    7. The air after a thunder & lightning rain storm.
    8. The Pacific ocean around the Hawaiian islands.
    9. White pine boards being sawn.
    10. Last, but not least, the smell of my wife's home cooking.

    I'm done, Sorry if I went overboard.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Butchers Paste wax

    Olive wood (On the lathe)

    Cocobolo (On the lathe)



    Salt water (ocean)

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    Some already mentioned, to which I add;
    Almost anywhere just after a spring rain
    Diesel fumes
    Puppy breath
    Freshly brewed coffee (though I can't stand the taste)
    Freshly cut pine
    Almost any kind of cake or pastry baking
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    Rennie, puppy breath is great! I'd forgotten that one.

    Fresh cut (while spinning) burr oak
    Pipe smoke (don't smoke myself but love the smell)
    Grandma Voet's fresh baked bread
    The air just before a thunderstorm, and after too Tony.
    Motor oil (I'm not a gear head at all either, just love the smell)
    Model glue...come on you know you all like it too!
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    You didn't limit to woodworking/turning. OK, here goes:
    olive oil and garlic being cooked;
    olive wood being turned;
    clean fresh air, especially in spring;
    blackpowder smoke, especially when accompanied with the coughing and choking part.
    All for now, have to think on it for more.

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    as i agree with many of the others i have a couple new ones to add,, the musky smell of the woods on a cool damp mourning
    the smell of fresh cut hay
    the smell of lake as you headed out for a fishun trip
    fresh cut cherry on the mill or TS
    or the smell of the pines or cedars in spring or fall
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    You all listed abunch I like

    1- When I burn E-85 in my truck.
    2- When a race car is running cam2 gas in its fuel system.
    3- Loml when she makes her homemade spaghetti sauce an it cooks all day.
    4- The smell of a brand new tool
    5- The smell of tire rubber from a burnout.

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    way before westleys time, when I was in grade school, Im sure larry and quite a few remember, when they handed out papers,Im not sure what it was called, the blue ink, lexograph machines, whatever, everyone in the class would hold the papers up to their noses and sniff, and it smelled so good you wanted to eat it.
    man that stuff smelled good, I guess over the years they figured they got enough kids attempting to get high and not know it so they switched to someething else.

    I also like freshly shampooed hair when something like strawberry shampoo is used.

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