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Thread: IDIOT(?) Village

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    IDIOT(?) Village

    If Vaughn thought that last one was bad...

    see this...

    and this...

    and in this one on the opening line intro he sounds drunk...slurs his words...when he says the word extert vs. expert.

    another work or art by our favorite guy.

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    Friends don't let friends woodwork drunk. I think I've seen most of this guy's videos. He's a real piece of work.

    At the 2:10 mark in this one, he's actually holding the sole of the power plane in the palm of his hand when he hits the power switch and starts the blades spinning. So many other blatant safety violations I couldn't even keep track of them all. (Plus, I think I could get a cleaner end grain cut with a rusty axe.)

    In general I'm real tolerant of people doing things whatever way they think is best. But if someone poses as an "expert", or a "master carpenter with over 20 years of experience" and posts stuff like this on the Internet as a teaching aid, I'll be the first in line to publicly skewer him and roast him over the coals of public opinion.
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    In just about every one of the morons videos - the comments are a warning for the viewer to not follow that guys instructions.

    It is sad to note - the viewer will likely watch the vid - and maybe never see the warnings.

    I am pretty tolerant of how people do stuff - uh - well mabbe not.

    I would never condone - TEACHING - the stuff this guy does.

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    I love the guy. He makes me look like a jenuwine woodworking savant in comparison.
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    I agree with all of you. This guy is drunk in my opinion. This is the dark side of the net. A site with a name like that needs to consider vetting in some form or other in order to have some legitimacy to me.

    If they had the inclination to be any kind of value in the internet knowlede market, simply retaining a few of the pros we have on our forum to vet or vote on the quality of a submission prior to allowing it to go public would ratchet the status and value of the site.

    I could barely watch the first video and it only got worse as my curiosity got the better of me and I watched the rest.

    Man I feel like einstein by comparison to him and I am a in reality a rank amateur.

    One thought occurred to me is that this guy needs help. I would not like to see the work he has put out for the past 20 years as he claims.

    Thanks Dewey for highlighting the very real problem of seeking solutions in places like that. Why would one when you can get such excellent guidance here by so many really qualified pros.

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    Someone should clamp this guy to a work bench for a week just so he knows what a clamp is for. As for the rest of his habits, the power company should cut his line.

    One of my favorite lines (often used in rush hour traffic, yelled within the confines of my own car) is, "Hey, your village called. They want you back!" I'm afraid this fellows viallage was happy to see him go.
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    I'm just confused as to why you would use a power planer by hand to 'sqware' up a board?????

    We all know that's a job for a freehand SawzAll cut...

    He was definitely on something in that video.
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    I guess he doesn't own a saw of any kind.
    Twice he grabbed the bottom of that plane with power on.
    And, personally, I never deliberately aim power tools at my crotch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    "Hey, your village called. They want you back!"
    I think the guy's name is Stu.

    Stu Pididiot.

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    The thought of this being a perpretated hoax in order to achieve exactly what is happening with all our comments crossed my mind, like that famous one about "bonsai kittens", but it looks too real, and too real stupid to be a hoax.

    Honestly I think this guy is pathetic and needs help.
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