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Thread: Amazon shipping and the USPS--sad or glad

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    Amazon shipping and the USPS--sad or glad

    Amazon shipped 3 items on 4/2 from a facility near Indy to my home. They arrived at my home 4/9. The shipping facility is about 20 miles from my home. Tracking shows it went to Cincinnati and back here. Yes, shipping was free but this either seems inefficient or humorous, depending on my frame of mind at the time.


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    Ron, same thing here. I live in Tennessee and placed an order a few weeks ago. When I tracked the package it said that it shipped from Ky. It then went to Atlanta and then back to Tennessee. Makes no sense to me.

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    At one time while I lived in Brookings Oregon, they would send all the mail up to Albany, (about 200 miles north) and then send the local mail back to be delivered the next day in Brookings Go figure

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    They work on a HUB system (like most of the Regional and some major airlines do), and Cincinnati is a major HUB where they have ONE of their Monstrous "Sorting Systems", (IIRC). The system has its pluses & minuses, but overall, when properly set up and operated it is the most efficient and cost effective system for the majority of the packages shipped, and the computerized sorting system is MUCH faster and more accurate than the manual system. I know a lot of packages I have received have gone some weird direction to Cincy before heading to Texas.
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