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Thread: Well, Grizzly does have sales at times....

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    Well, Grizzly does have sales at times....

    I keep a quick link up for the G0691 to keep me locked into it and not spend the money I'm saving for it on another tool. So I do a quick run through the forums, and click on the link to drool, and it's on sale for 1295.00! 55.00 off. The G0690 is still at 1250.00 Unfortuanately, I need Pappa Bear to do this come Christmas time, as that's about when I'll have enough money saved to get it!
    Just a heads up. It says it is part of the Spring Sale, so I'm sure there are other items that are on sale as well. Jim.
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    That's a pretty nice saw, at a decent price! Good luck with your savings efforts!

    You may wish to keep checking this link:

    It's their scratch and dent outlet tablesaw page. I check it once in a while just to keep my feet on the ground (as in 'even when they're on sale, I can't afford one of these!'


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    Yep, very nice saw. Would probably be the one I'd get when, and if, I sell my duplicator. Need both money and shop room first.

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