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Thread: walnut crotch bowl

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    walnut crotch bowl

    hello folks here is a walnut bowl which i roughed out early 2008 and finished a couple of weeks ago. The colour is much deeper and rich in real life.

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    Very nice bowl George! Love the edge detail. You must be on the other side of the other pond by the looks of the electrical outlet on the kitchen wall.

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    hello thank you for your comments yes i live in Leicestershire u.k
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    Great job on a very nice piece of wood, George. Well done.
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    Beautiful bowl George, great grain pattern, and love the simple design.

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    Beautiful bowl, beautiful wood and really like the simple form. Well done.
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    Very nice George. I like the lip and the way you kept the bark inclusion together.
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    Beauty of a bowl - that's some great wood.
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