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Thread: burr oak hollow form's

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    burr oak hollow form's

    hello folks heres a breif step by step on some burr oak vessels i've been doing recently

    heres the blocks fresh from the chainsaw

    6" faceplate attached

    on the lathe ready to spin

    knocked into the round- but the pith is in the top and runs diagonally through the piece, will this cause a problem?

    rough shape

    hollowed out to around an 1/8" and sanded to 320 in this pic

    oiled with lemon oil ready to part of

    heres the two bits from the two blocks that i made that day- they will now go in to my drying cupboard where they will dry and warp. there was some rot in the second piece i turned so i had to reduce the diameter to get rid of it.

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    Very unique shape George. I like it. What is on the bottom?

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    thanks-the form carries on down then it sits on a little flat area.

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    Looking good, George. The one with the diagonal pith may bend and or crack a bit on you, but even if it does, I'll bet it'll still be a cool piece.
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    Very well done George, thank you for stepping us through the process.

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    Great looking piece George. You might want to treat the pith with some CA. I have found if you don't it may crack beyond repair. I have did a couple like that and soak the pith and around it fairly well. First one I didn't and it ended up as firewood.
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    Hey George,

    A very nice shape. I would CA it too. That looks like some pretty tough wood. Did it wear you out?
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    I did ca it and its still holding (for now)
    this wood is a little bit tricky but two forms in a day dont wear me out

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    Both forms are pretty nice looking. You did a nice job with some tough wood.
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    Great Forms George! I love to turn burr oak. It's plentiful around here too. Hope they don't move to much on you, please post pics as they do though.
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