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Thread: flame birch picture frames

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    flame birch picture frames

    now that i have most of the tools i really need in one place, and readily accessible (see my workbench post), i'm getting some use out of them, in spite of the aches and pains from friday.

    they are a pair of picture frames out of some flame birch i picked up when the local rocklers was getting rid of it at half price last fall. they are for 2 of my co-workers who have just had additions to thier families.
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    Nice looking work Dan. Did you use your mortiser to punch the mortises all the way through the wood like that? If so I didn't realize the bench top mortisers could go that deep. I'll have to take a second look at the HF mortiser. It's sometimes on sale for $130.

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    The frames are going to be real nice Dan that flame birch is some nice stuff. Good to see you put your new workbenches to the test already, did they work out as you hoped?

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    terry - they're 2 1/4" through mortises, and my jet mortising machine went through like they weren't there.

    tom - worked out better than expected. in order to store them, i had to replace the fixed wheels with locking spindles so it can be better maneuvered (that's moved around larry), so they could be stored easier. it isn't half bad, having nearly everything i need, at arm's reach, in the world's biggest shop.
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