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Thread: Bad Day at Black Rock

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    Bad Day at Black Rock

    Went to the doctor to fine out why I'm a COLD FISH. Body Temp getting as low as 95.5. Usual is 98.6 for me. Been checking and been varying from 97.6 to 96.4. Checking Thyroid for problems. If not that...............?

    Delivered the two pieces to the Public TV station for their auction. Wife was doing her thing with Project Linus.

    When we got home and sat down to eat lunch (About 1:30) I could hear the sump pump running. Not out of the ordinary, since we've been having a lot of rain. After a while, she went to the basement - about the time I realize that the pump HAS NOT SHUT OFF! She yelled and I walked into a half flooded basement to the tune of 1/2" of water. I estimate about 50 gallons total from start to finish. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a mess.

    Good news. Since we have had floods like this, before, we designed the basement to reduce the effects as much as possible. Including my shop. All but two Cherry boards 8/4 X 12 x 7' up off the floor enough so no damage. All tool are on rollers, so nothing hurt there either. I DID do something good last week. I had about 4 inched of chips all over the work area in my shop. For some reason, I spent several houre cleaning up th shop. If I hadn't, WHAT A REAL MESS!

    BWT, if you haven't figured out what happened, the pump portion of the sump pump broke. The motor is running, but doin' nothin'.

    Off to Menards to get replacement. (just thinkin' last week, sump is gettin' kinda old, should replace it --- DUH!!!!!!) Got it, back home LOML using the heck out of a carpet shampoo machine to keep ahead. Start puttin it together and notice a change in design. For as long as I can remember, the outfeed is 1-1/2", NOT NOW. Try 1-1/4". Of cource, I don't have a fitting on hand. Down to the local (Got to love mom and pop stores) hardware store. Get what I need. Back home. Finish install. LOML has been at it for 1-1/2 hr, so I relieve her.

    5:05 All I can get to is dry, Registers adjusted to heat the basement to 75 without frying us. Portable fan running, Bathroom exhaust taking humidity outside.

    Done for another 8-10 years.

    (Goin' out later this week and gettin' a backup, NOW - with fitting)

    Bruce Shiverdecker - Retired Starving Artist ( No longer a Part timer at Woodcraft, Peoria, Il.)

    "The great thing about turning is that all you have to do is remove what's not needed and you have something beautiful. Nature does the hard part!"

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    Sorry to hear about the water. I know how much of a mess it can make. Years back I had 5" in our basement. Needed a new sump pump. Things when well till this year. I cleaned out about 2" 4 times over till I took a day off and put in a bigger sump so the float wouldn't get stuck against the wall and not start.

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    well sounds like you had some good luck along with the bad thouh bruce,, and that intution yu had payed off..
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    That does suck Bruce, and I'm glad you got it fixed, but imagine if you had been out of town for the weekend and it broke

    We have a sump pump in the L shop building, we actually have three, two work in tandem, they alternate doing the work, the third one is back up, it comes on if BOTH of the other pumps fail, and if ONE of the primary pumps fail, then an alarm goes off, thus, I think we are covered for having a similar problem.

    I've always wondered why residential pumps were not done in tandem

    One fails, the other can still handle the water, but you get a warning that one pump failed.
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    we used to have water problems like that every spring when i was a kid. it finally cleared up when our dad had some dirt hauled in, and he tapered the yard around the house so that the rain flowed away from the house. been dry for over 30 years and counting.
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    Hope your health problem gets fixed. I had low thyroid for years undiagnosed. Tired all the time and prone to sinus infections and didn't sweat enough. After the nurse practitioner figured it out things have been a lot nicer. Just have to take a little pill every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    well sounds like you had some good luck along with the bad thouh bruce,, and that intuition yu had payed off..
    Bruce sorry to hear of your misfortune, but I had to pick up on a aspect Larry mentioned here.

    A couple of weeks ago I attended my local institute regional meeting and we had organized a presentation by a lady that teaches people to get back in touch with their intuition. Turns out many of the very succesful business types such as Bill Gates, consider their intuition one of the most important attributes that led to their success. This particular lady runs courses on how to get back intouch with your intuition. Reckons we would all be better off if we tuned back into what our gut is telling us.
    Reading your post Larry is right about your intuition talking to you. You mention it several times. Bet this could help us all especially in the aspect of shop safety. I found since reading the forum and several posts on the accidents here, I am far more concious than I was before of the hazards in the shop. I find myself literally talking to myself and my intuition (that little voice inside) about my upcoming action and have often acted to avoid a potential situation.

    Thanks for the post.

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    Rob, there is a lot of science behind the 'ole intuition thing. We humans tend to think along basic common lines when it comes to understanding logic. However, there is at least 6 kinds of logic that can be in play, some of them somewhat sub-conscious. Brain structure is quite different between the sexes and it is understood that a "woman's intuition" is a function of how their brains are generally structured. (less division between the hemispheres). Of course DON'T tell them that, some have gotten right mad at me for innocently bringing the subject up. I sincerely mean no insult in the least. I have learned to trust my wife's intuition on some subjects.

    I can't tell you how many times a little voice said to me,"I wouldn't do that" or "maybe you aught to check that out before flipping the switch" I honestly don't know if it's my guardian angel or the sub-conscious mind trying to warn me. It could be both. Many times when I am stumped with a problem I will purposely take a break and do something totally unrelated. Or listen too some classical music, only to have the solution pop into my mind a few minuets later. I understand that this is because the subconscious mind already knows the solution but is being over-powered by the conscious mind, or all the clutter that is bouncing around inside the noggin.

    I just wish I would learn to pay more attention to the 'ole intuition. Like when I was in a hurry to cut those dado's the other day........................

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    Very interesting discussion Rob and Paul. I have long thought the same thing, that intuition is just your subconscious mind at work. I do the same thing you do Paul, take a break from a problem and let the solution come to me freely without consciously thinking about it.

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