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Thread: another Hawaii photo

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    another Hawaii photo

    Much of the excitement from visiting Hawaii was seeing the tropical wonders. Beautiful fruits I had never heard of before, flowers, birds, and much more.
    I took this picture simply because this fungus, to me, represented just how different some things there are compared to more temperate climate parts of the country. This fungus was on the side of a fallen tree trunk. It was so brilliant that it seemed to glow from an internal light source.
    Y'all are welcome to consider me just a dowdy old man but I was absolutely fascinated with the sight of this thing glowing in the daylight.
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    Thats cool Frank and some fantastic picture taking


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    Wow, that is bright Frank. I agree with Jay, I enjoyed all the pictures you took, very well composed.

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    Hey Frank I like your fungus. It is real great looking and the color is spectacular and to make sure you dont feel like a "dowdy old man" I will temp hijack your thread and show you that you are not alone in taking pictures like these. Not as spectacular in color as yours but I think these are pretty "flowers" even though they can kill.

    Enjoy the pictures they come from a Pine forest in RSA.
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    Neat, Rob. Are those what they call 'divorce' mushrooms?

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