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Thread: Some pens from April

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    Some pens from April

    Here are three pens that I've finished so far this month.

    The first pen is an Carbara kit and the wood is English Yew that I received from a woodworker friend of my Dad's. I really like the grain of this wood, but I think it might have been better suited with a gold kit instead of chrome. I don't normally like gold kits but it might have worked here. I'll probably give this pen back to the gentleman who gave me the wood to make it.

    The second pen is a Baron kit and the wood is a Myrtle Burl which I received in a pen swap last month. The blank was sent from Australia. This pen was the first "two piece" pen that I've ever made. I really like the way that this turned out. I will be donating it as a door prize at my cousin's stag and doe in a couple weeks. I just hope the lucky recipient likes it as much as I do.

    The last pen is, of course a slimline (with gunmetal finish). I'm not sure what type of wood this is though. I received it after placing an order online for pen kits and they never told me what it was. I figure it's spalted "something or other". The blank itself was pretty light in weight. If you have any idea what it is, I'd love to know.
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    3439723691_60d3afe3d5.jpg   3439726321_0e9d867357.jpg  

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    Very nice, Chris...all three of them. I think your spalted one is maple, but that's just a guess. The Baron and (very similar) Sedona are two of my favorite kits to make.
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    Very nice. You're giving one back to the guy that gave you the wood. You could just give the other two to me. I love using my wood pens. The Mt. Mahogany Cigar pen I'm using now if about ready to be retired. Great work. Where ever they wind up the owner will love them.
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    Well done. And, I agree, it is spalted 'something-or-other'. Looks fine though.

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    Well done. Spalted maple looks good.
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    Good work Chris.. my favorite is the Baron..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    Good work Chris.. my favorite is the Baron..
    Thanks! Thanks my favourite too. Thanks for the comments guys.

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    Gotta be a Baron fan. Great finish work too. You gave me the motivation to accept an order for 6 Jr Statesmen fountain's for a law firm...I just bought some malturning insurance
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