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Thread: Shop Safety....Smoke Detectors

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    Shop Safety....Smoke Detectors

    I have never seen any mention of the use of smoke detectors on the forum.

    After my weekend work during which I used my grinder to cut off some bolts resulting in a great deal of smoke and the trigger of my smoke detector which alerted the family in the house and had my wife on my phone in 2 secs I thought this might be a worthwhile point for people to consider.

    What I did is to run a control wire from my house ( which by code has to have powered connected smoke detectors on each level) smoke detectors out to my shop along with my telephone cable and electric cable.

    Then on the ceiling I hooked up a powered smoke detector with battry back up ( price difference is not that significant).

    Now when I am in the shop and no one is in the house should the smoke detectors in the house go off they will trigger in the shop.

    Conversely if there is a issue in the shop ( more likely) and I am in the house then the house smoke detectors will trigger.

    I have also posted 2 fire extinuishers in the shop, one on either end of the building. For the cost you can never be too safe.

    This was not a complicated thing to do. My first ever installation of smoke detectors not that it is difficult just want to ensure no one can say I could not do that.

    So I thought I would add a poll to the thread if i can get it to work and we could see how many ww have a smoke detector etc.

    Hope this reminds someone of the merits of smoke detectors like I have been alerted to safety at the table saw etc.

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    Rob I also have a sprinkler system for the spray booth and stripping, work area.

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    I have one hardwired in the shop ceiling, and truthfully, it's a hassle. Dust triggers the thing and then, over time, builds up. So then i don't trust it. It goes off when it shouldn't, and i'm skeptical that it would go off should it need to. I blow it out with low pressure compressed air, but don't know if i'm not damaging the sensor.

    Is there a good, reliable "system" for this?


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    Mine is wired to all the others in the house and has battery backup. I haven't had the dust issues with it, don't know the brand. I have set it off when I've done some welding and created a little smoke with some oil that got set off, so know it's working.

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    There are 2 main types of smoke detectors, optical and ionization. I suspect that the optical is more sensitive to dust. see
    With either type though it would be necessary to keep them clean in a dusty environment.

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    I don't have a smoke detector. And don't see the need for one. I believe work generated smoke and dust would set it off. There are detectors in other areas of the house.
    But, this thread has gotten me to thinking I should install a fire extinguisher. We have one upstairs but the shop doesn't.

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    since my shop is the great outdoors, i'm sure where i would put the darned thing...
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    no detector for the reasons mentioned already(the dust factor) but i do have 2 fire extinquishers. but i like the thought of knowing if one goes off in either location house or shop.. but i need to get one that doesnt have dust allergies
    so if someone comes up with a model that does work reliably post your info for it.. and i will get the hook up info from rob!!!
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    My shop is in the basement. I have smoke detecters (Hard Wired) in two places in the house. came with the house. Added one in the furnace room (Battery), BUT like a BIG DUMMY never thought of one in the shop, too!

    I will be getting one today!

    Thanks for the thought.

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    I have FOUR smoke detectors on the 2nd floor -- one in each bedroom, and one in the hall. The one in the hall is on house current. Actually I think it is code now to have one in each bedroom. Dunno, I just do NOT want any of us to sleep through it.

    I have one by the kitchen (main floor). That's the annoying one, as the oven sets it off far too often. But I put up with it since I'm secretly kind of glad it is that sensitive.

    I also have one in the basement, but not in my shop. (basement shop)
    I DO have a fire extinguisher in the shop though.

    Oh yeah, also a CO2 detector up in the hall by the bedrooms.
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