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Thread: Finish Problem

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    Finish Problem

    I have a friend of mine that sent me this message and I don't have an answer for him anybody have any ideas.

    I have a little prob. I have a Mahogany door that i had bought from a yard sale. It is new raw wood. I put 1 coat of polyurethane(Olympic brand) let it dry for 12 hours and applied a second coat. The second coat only dried in spots. I let it set for 12 days and still spots on the door was wet. So i sanded it all back down to the wood and put the first coat on it( switched to Helmsmen to see if the Olympic was contaminated) let dry for 3 days then used oooo steel wool then applied a second coat. It has been setting for nine days and still doing what the other brand was doing and i can't figure it out. The first coat is beautiful lays down slick as a babies but but the second one acts like it is not bonding. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this prob?
    My plan is to learn to build furniture and I am going to be self taught.

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    What is the door used for interior / exterior, I'll have information for you when I know. Are you wanting to keep in natural of stain.

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    Was the door cleaned(degreased) before the sealer was appleid? How is the poly.

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    Does the first coat dry completely to the touch? If so, what are you using to wipe the dust off the door after sanding the first coat. You might want to try on a scrap piece of wood to test just to make sure his brushes aren't contaminated with something or the tack clothe he is using to wipe the door down with before the second coat.

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