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Thread: Ash Salad Bowl

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    Ash Salad Bowl

    I got this wood a couple of weeks ago off my father-in-law's place after an ice storm brought it down. It looked like it might have been dead-on-the-hoof for a while due to the spalting, but the wood still had a little bit of moisture in it. I sanded it thru 220 and it is now gettin' several baths of Walnut oil.

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    Great looking piece Mark.

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    Pretty Mark. And nice big size too.

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    Great looking bowl Mark. That is some pretty ash.
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    I don't know if I've seen spalted ash before. Another fine job there, Mark.
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    It doesn't get any better than this one. I love the subtle little sweep out from the curve to the rim. I also like the way the rim is rounded inviting the viewer to look into the bowl. I am not too sure I would make a salad in it however as it is too pretty.

    Nice photo too!
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    Beautiful wood Mark, the shape is great. I really like the rim.
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