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Thread: Work in progress?

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    Matt Dunlap Guest


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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix
    Looks like a real woodworking shop. Even got saw dust on stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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    woodworkin`, metalworkin` and kids toys.........looks like home nice shop matt!
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    Matt, that looks like a place where a lot of stuff gets done.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Thanks for the tour, Matt. Looks like you've got things pretty well covered. I've also got the TS-3650, and have been very happy with it. Even though I liked the Ridgid fence system, I replaced mine with an Incra TS-III, and moved my router table insert from the right side to the left side of the blade. One of these days I'll get my shop clean enough to take a few pics.
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    Thanks for the peek at where you do the woodwork. Great fun on the horizon I hope.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks good Matt.

    I got some spots in my shop that look like storages areas also.

    Organize organize.

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    Looks like a fun shop. I always wonder when I see those shots of shops with no dust on anything and everything put away nicely. I consider my shop well organized when I can actually see my router table.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Matt,

    You say that you have added a router table to your Rigid Table Saw.
    Could you give me some deatils on how you did that.
    I have bought a Rigid Table Saw and would like to add my router into the table.
    Like you I have a small space.

    Don Morrison

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