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Thread: Finally a day off

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    Finally a day off

    Another walnut peppermill, I like black cherry better, but I'm not paying for 'em. This came from a drawing from a client, kind of a lighthouse theme I guess. 12" tall and 2 coats of Wipe-on with 2 more to come and arm-r-seal for the final. She also bought, for reasons passing understanding, my first pizza cutter. The handle is way to massive and clunky, but she said was safer that way. $125 for the mill and $25 for some pizza. Luckily...the stuff looks better than the pics. Thanks for looking
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    Congrats on the sale Jim!
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    Congrats on the sale of a very nice mill and cutter. Jim I like the larger handles. They really feel better and are easier to handle when cutting. People with arthur in their hands like them.
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    Nice looking pepper mill. That's pretty light colored walnut isn't it..
    I haven't tried a pizza cutter yet.. if I add them to my list of things to do.. I won't ever get out of the shop.. will just have to move a cot out there for a nap between things.
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    Is it really a day off if you're getting paid?

    Nice work on both the mill and cutter, and congrats on the sales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    if I add them to my list of things to do.. I won't ever get out of the shop.. will just have to move a cot out there for a nap between things.
    I could think of worse places to have to sleep

    Great looking Mill and pizza cutter.
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    Thanks guys

    Vaughn..I'm not sure. I'm leaning to just giving stuff out. Kinda more fun that way and I want to keep it fun.

    Chuck...I know a guy on ebay that had a bunch of this same type of walnut. I really like the cherry I have, but this walnut has a lot of grain and turns well.

    Bernie, I wasn't fond of the big handle but after 3 hand surguries, I like it to. I used the attachment method you and Vaughn suggested and it works great!
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    Nice mill! I'm personally fond of the big handles as well, especially when the little monkeys lay it down in the MIDDLE of the pizza and it gets all greasy. By the way, whats a day off? I haven't even seen my lathe since before Thanksgiving.
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