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    Oil finish

    I'm starting to use Danish oil to finish Mahogany and Sapele wood. My question is how many coats and how often to sand. I'm using 400 grit paper.

    Thanks, DKT

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    If you have the time and want a supper job use tung oil, 1st put 4 coats of shellec on 50/50 24 hr drying time and sand with 320 between coats. Then brush on the oil, brush it out 24 hr dring time and sand with 320 between coats. 4 to 5 coats. Last coat don't sand but rub out with Liberon 0000 steel wool or use 3M's white pad with a random oribital sander and mix up a paist of comite and paint thinner use this to buff with sander then polish with a good wax.

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    I'd sand lightly between each coat if it feels bumpy after it's dried, after every other coat or so if it doesn't. As far as how many coats to apply, I just keep putting finish on until it's as glossy as I want. Sometimes it's tow, others it's seven or eight. Depends on the wood and the look you're after.
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