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Thread: Quick bed/crib design question

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    Quick bed/crib design question

    Hey guys I知 working out the final details of my convertible crib design in my head before I start mocking it up in sketch up and had a quick question on "structural stability" for the project.

    A lot of bed headboards and foot boards I have seen have had 菟osts" at the corner that are significantly thicker then the rest of the material most likely for load bearing, but the bed/crib I知 building will have move of a boxed in bottom then an open one so I知 wanting to get your opinions on if I would need to skill have thicker "posts".

    The attached image is a quick M.S. Paint sketch showing what I mean by the bed/crib having contact with the floor all the way around. The material currently will be about an inch thick where the bed meets the floor but thinner in areas where there are some slats, which are not represented in the sketch. I'll be adding some cross braces but I left them out of the attached image.

    Let me know if you think this will be sturdy enough


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails quick sketch.JPG  

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    Can you be assured the bed will stay on the floor for the life of the bed?
    One of the functions of thicker posts is to ensure the head or foot board don't topple over if a child climbs on them.
    Less wood at the corners means less stability, even when in full contact with the floor.
    You lose all the storage space a raised bed allows; think about drawers under the bed as an option.

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    What would you recommend as a good thickness for those posts? If its something like a 2x2 I might be able to get some 8/4 poplar and cut it down to get close to that. The lumber yard I have access to doesn’t have any long precut pieces so that’s about my best option if its about that size anything more I’d probably have to glue it up or look around for another yard.

    Also just wanted to make sure you knew I was going to have "posts" at the corners but in that sketch up they are around 1x2 or 1x3. I probably should have shown those but it was just a quick thrown together sketch.

    I'll also think about drawers for the full size bed but we have already decided we didn’t want any for the crib... The main reason for the bed going all the way to the floor is so 1 the baby cant get under it, and also so the cat can’t get under it .

    Hopefully tonight I'll be able to start mocking this up in sketch up and i'll post everything when its done, But it might take a couple days as i'm still learning sketch up and i need to figure out how to do proper curves/molding in it.

    thanks for the responce!

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