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Thread: Old Teak new look

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    Old Teak new look

    My son's boat has a Bilge Hatch Cover made of Teak, You can imagine what 24 years of exposure did to the appearance. He asked me to revitalize it.... He'll be back in town Friday... Ta Da...

    4 coats of Helmsman Marine Poly (Gloss) applied with a swatch of tee shirt material in a Wipe-on fashion, rubbed down with Pumice & Oil)

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    That looks like new, Bill. I'm betting he'll be very pleased.
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    Nice job. It's amazing how well that wood maintained its integrity after such prolonged neglect. It really looks good.

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    Thats the way to do it. My brother has 2200 big boats to maintain in a marina in Fla. to take care of. He dose boats I do furniture. Nice looking teak.

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    Looks good.

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    Those t-shirts will do it everytime.
    Nice job.

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