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Thread: keeping cool

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    keeping cool

    Just wondering about AC in Shops. The 2 offices have AC but I use big fans out in the shop.
    During the very hot days we will get started at 5 AM and knock off at 2.

    Last year twice we got a call from the health department telling us to shut down before 12 because of the heat index. I don't think it's anything that can be enforced so we keep working.

    One thing I like about the heat, the stripper work great when it's hot.

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    I suspect if the boys at the health department wanted to, they could make your life miserable. Depending on how many 'us' is, think OSHA.

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    I have a small (6500 BTU) window unit in my shop (2 car garage) that I installed in the wall. It's more than enough to keep me cool and I only run it when I'm actually working and usually only in the afternoon. My shop is on the north side of the house and really does not get too warm till the afternoon sun hits the double bay door. I'm really glad I put in the insulated steel door a few years ago.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I run a couple fans and open the doors. But, most natives don't start to really come alive till its 80 or so; and that's on Christmas morning.
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    I run an AC 24/7 to keep the humidity down in the summer, or everything really rusts!

    otherwise, down under the ground, my temps never drop below 14C or go above 23C (57F to 73F).

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    Dont need one in my shop. It has 2' thick block wallsw/ 2x4 studs insulated and 1/2" drywall over that. On a day when it is 80, my shop will stay around 60 if the doors and windows are kept mostly closed.

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    I've got a vent running out to the garage from my house, so long as doors are shut, it stays under 75 out there during the summer, above 50 during the winter...unless the wind is really whipping around.

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    When it's get steaming in here with 100% humidity and in the 90's we can't spray durring the day so most spraying is done early mornings.

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    Fans. I can take the heat and shower later. Cold can't be handled.

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    I have a 25,000 btu a/c unit mounted in the west wall that I have already been using this year and a 30,000 btu propane heater for the winter. depending on what the weather is supposed to be like I will leave the a/c on and set it on the energy saver at night to keep the temp & humidity constant in the summer while I'm working on a project.

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