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Thread: Vineyard Table from Fine Woodworking

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    Vineyard Table from Fine Woodworking

    I saw this interesting table design in FineWoodworking and decided it would be a good Sketchup project. The table is similar to a trestle table in construction, except that the cleats are hinged instead of joined to the legs, allowing the tabletop to flip down or be removed for storage and transportation. The harp-shaped structure pivots outward to support the tabletop when the tabletop is set up for use. The SketchUp model is uploaded into my "Creekside Woodshop" collection in the Google 3D warehouse.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Vinyard Table-render-01 (Medium).jpg   Vinyard Table-render-02 (Medium).jpg   Vinyard Table-render-03 (Medium).jpg  

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    Hi Ron

    Great Sketchup drawing. I like the table design too.

    Was just thinking it would make a great fold away card table, pitty the legs dont rotate as well then it would be a flat folded object and be able to be stored either under say a bed or flat against the wall with the minimum of space. Guess some engineering on the tennon joint could be done to enable it to be a rotating joint?

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    You could probably put a round tenon on the bottom of the leg into the foot of the table, but I'm thinking you might loose some strength there. I like the design.. will make a pretty table.
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