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Thread: Lamp and Shade......what a wonderful experience!!!

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    Lamp and Shade......what a wonderful experience!!!

    For the last 2 days I had the privilege and honor of taking a lesson with a master woodturning named Peter Asselyn of Durham, Maine. I was there to learn and make a lamp shade and lamp. But that wasn't all I learned. He showed me all kinds of techniques for turning green wood, use of a bowl gauge, sharpening, using different chucks, and some of the jigs or methods he uses to make turning more convenient and "user friendly".

    We started off with a log of poplar which had been cut about a year ago but was still green. It was 12" long by about 12" across. Out of this log we made the lamp shade. The whole process was very fascinating. Using a light right up against the outside we could tell just how thin the sides were and how much light was coming thru. There was no sanding, it was finished with just a very precise and fine finishing cut. We let the shade sit overnight and then we brushed on "wipe on poly". Just one coat.

    The base is made out of 2 different pieces. Both pieces are cherry burl. The foot or bottom base piece was turned as if it was a bowl. Then turned upside down and the other base piece was turned as a spindle piece. A tenon connects the two. The bases were sanded and then finished with a special mix Peter uses on all his bowls and vases.

    I hope you enjoy looking and I appreciate all comments, questions, and suggestions.
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    spinning into a new adventure

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    Wow Joan, that is super!

    Nothing like hands on experience with a master!
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    Very nicely done Joan!

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    Great job Joan. Nothing like a lesson from a master.
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    Very nice Joan. I particularly like the shade and the base piece. Looks really great with the light shining through. What a great kickstart to learn from someone like that.

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    Nothing short of amazing. Better than well done
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    That's way cool Joan!

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