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Thread: Finally finished my hard maple workbench

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    Finally finished my hard maple workbench

    Well it's been a long time coming but I finally finished my traditional hard maple workbench. I had wanted to built a good sturdy bench ever since I started woodworking about a half dozen years ago. I saw a plan in Woodsmith Magazine (No. 173) some time back and decided that was the bench I wanted. I could have made the bench from cheaper materials but I only wanted to do this one time (at least that's what I'm saying at this point in time). Here is the result.

    I have a complete building process article on my website if interested in how the project went. You can find it at:


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    That's a great looking bench Dave. Good job!

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    Dave, Welcome to the Family.

    Great first post and documentation of the build. Thanks! I will be spending some time looking around your webiste very soon.
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    That's a beaut! Nicely done.
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    Welcome to the Family Dave!

    What a great first post

    I had a look at the whole process on your site, and that is one well built bench, I'm sure you will get a LOT of use out of it!

    Have you used "Hold Fasts" before? I just got some from >> HERE << and boy are they slick!

    Made by Gramercy, they are even on sale now for $28.75 a pair. With all them dog holes, you could really use hold fasts! That is if you are not already using them

    Again, welcome to the Family!

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    hi dave, nice bench!
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    OOoooo thats nice Lets see, Elkhart is only about an hour from me, SOOOoooo, when will you be gone and as Stu said, welcome and great way to start with that. Nice bench


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    and that is one pretty work table.

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    Great job on the work bench Dave, and welcome to the family! I love the looks your bench and I think it looks strong enough to build and engine on it

    I've never had the desire to have a bench like that Just never seamed to work for the kind stuff I do.

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Nice job Dave! I am just about ready to start my own bench and might just have to order that article. I have a stack of hard maple sitting in my shop for over a year to acclimate. It is air dried but I figure if it has been there that long it should be O.K. to use for a bench. It is all rough sawed from a tree I took down about 5 years ago. I'm not sure how big to make the bench- I have less space in my shop than you have in yours. Looks like your shop is really nice and spacious. (mine is just 18 x 32 with 11 ft. ceiling)

    Thanks for posting the pics.

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