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Thread: Tablesaw Safety Pusher

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    Tablesaw Safety Pusher

    In my >> Making a Wooden Mallet << thread, Rob asked for some more pics etc of the pusher I use on my tablesaw.

    I got the idea off the web, I cannot honestly remember where If I got it from someone here, speak up, as this is a good simple pusher for the table saw, nice and safe too!

    My old pusher was getting fairly chewed up, so I decided to make a new one and take some pics.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old_pusher_1.jpg 
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ID:	31502 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old_pusher_2.jpg 
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    That is the basics of the old pusher, not much to see, it gets chewed up and after a while, you need to replace it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	old_pusher_3.jpg 
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    When the time comes to replace the shoe of the pusher, just two screws and it is off, ready for the waste bin.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new_pusher_components.jpg 
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    These are the basic components, yes, it is that simple

    I like using MDF for this, as it has no real grain like wood or plywood can.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new_pusher_1.jpg 
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Name:	new_pusher_2.jpg 
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    I use CA glue, the thicker stuff, for this kind of thing, it is strong and quick, but if you have the time, regular old white glue will work fine, just make sure you clamp it well.

    I know that with the length of screws I use to keep the handle attached, I can easily bury the saw blade into the show a good 1/4" and never even sort of come close to hitting the screws.

    Is this for every tablesaw job, no, is it as good as that GRRR-riper thing, no, I doubt it, but is only cost me a couple of pieces of scrap, and about 10 minutes, so I like it

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    Slick idea Stu. I've got a couple of those old push blocks around. Looks like it's time to get more use out of them. I've been using the standard old push sticks for years but it looks like there is better control with a block.

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    I'm really not trying to suggest anything this once, but if you suffered a moment of gross stupidity, is there enough meat to your block to protect your hand if you went from using the blade all the way up (or close - say you were just ripping some 4 by 4's) to ripping 3/4" wood while forgetting to lower the blade?

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    looks great! Just spotted this over on Lumberjocks. Just thought someone might like the looks of it.

    of particular note is the replaceable tail using a sliding dovetail.

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