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Thread: dust collection

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    dust collection

    I am looking into dust collection. I have a jet mini that I get to use on weekends if time permits. Not a high volume turner. What are thoughts on portable collectors versus air cleaners?

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    Dust collection

    Hi,I would get a dust collector and I would get a nice size one,as you may get more into woodturning a little further down the road.They have so many sizes to choose from,it would be impossable to say which one to get.One thing to consider is how big is your shop.

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    dust collection for spinny folk is kinda sure to see what you`re thinking of in practice before cutting any checks..
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    After watching some of the videos of the professional turners, I don't think there is a collection system that will do it all! The chips go in every direction but to the rear of the machine. If all you plan to do is turn, I think a broom and Trend face shield type air filter would do the trick. And a lot cheaper too

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    I think Royall is right about where to start. A face mask will give you more, safer, protection. Nothing will suck up the big chips that fly off in every direction so a good broom and dust pan make the job easier. After that, I think a dust collector or air filter would be a nice addition. I got the dust collector first. There is something comforting about seeing the stream of sanding dust go into the collector hose when you have it right up against your turning. I do know people who do this with a shop vac but they don't usually have continuous duty motors and are noisier. Some of the newer designed dust collectors are smaller, more efficient, and easier to move around. Rockler even has a wall mounted unit out but I don't know how good it is. Lastly, if you are concerned about dust in your finishes, or a coat of dust on cars or other stuff you have in your garage, one of those ceiling mounted air filters will help that. Nothing works if you don't use it. Whatever you get to protect your lungs, get in the habit of using it every time. Too often I go out to the shop thinking, "I'll just be a minute or two" and a couple hours later I'm wondering why I didn't put on my mask. I have already developed an allergic reaction to mesquite because of this. I guess what I'm trying to say is, get something, and USE it.

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    I started with a Trend face shield, the a Harbour Freight DC and now have a air filter. The DC as others have said won't do much for the big chips but will do a excellent job on sanding dust which is bad stuff to breath. It may be overkill having all of the above but when I first started turning 3 1/2 yrs ago I had breathing problems and my Doctor told me if I didn't do something I could end of with emphysema. Haven't had any problems since adding the above. He told me all wood dust is not good breath in but some are worse than others.
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    You don't need to concern your self with shavings unless there is an issue with allergies. However, sanding is another story. Sanding dust will go everywhere in your house. The particles are small and travel on the slightest current of air. These are the particles that can kill you.

    Get any small dust collector and stick a hose as close to the turning as you can. Put the motor on reverse and let the dust get sucked into the DC. Always where some sort of mask, not the cheapo cloth masks sold in paint stores. If you can't afford a Trend or similar get a cartridge mask certified for at least 0.01 microns. They are not expensive and the cartridges are available at good supply houses.

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