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Thread: Benchcrafted's New Leg Vise

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    Benchcrafted's New Leg Vise

    Check out this new updated leg vise from Benchcrafted. Be sure to view the short video at the bottom of the page. Their products are great, I have their wagon vise.

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    Serious hardware and a beautiful bench.
    The bench can be handed down for hundreds of years.
    Thanks for posting Bill.

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    It's an impressive setup on a beautiful bench.

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    Yes, the bench is beautiful, but everything that Jameel Abraham does is incredible. I follow his other blog which the link below is for. This from one of his latest posts where he demonstrated making hand roped columns for a project.

    His primary interest (I think) is in the making of Arabic lutes. The link below is to that website.

    It took me awhile to realize that Abraham was also the person behind Benchcrafted. I thought they were two different people. People like this really humble me. Not just in their talent, but in their energy and drive. Frankly, I just don't measure up compared to them, but it is good to use their accomplishments to push myself forward from time to time. We have some people here in the Forum that are like Jameel Abraham.

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