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Thread: Bunch o' Small Stuff - Show Update

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    Bunch o' Small Stuff - Show Update

    I've been busy getting ready for the first show of the season (and maybe the only one, depending on the sales) by building up my inventory of less expensive stuff. No fine art turning by any means, just quick and dirty pieces (with nice finishes) that I hope will sell.

    Some red eucalyptus potpourri bowls...

    Attachment 31543

    Some spalted alder versions with a spalted sycamore in the middle...

    Attachment 31544

    An assortment of confetti lights. Clockwise from upper left: spalted alder, red eucalyptus, spalted alder, walnut, osage orange, and walnut...

    Attachment 31545

    And some magnetic paper clip bowls. Clockwise from upper left: red cedar, dunno wood, walnut, spalted hackberry, spalted maple, flame box elder, and osage orange...

    Attachment 31546

    Well, the show starts in about 9 1/2 hours. I'd better hit the hay.
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    Very nice, Vaughn, and a good variety of colors and woods. Good Luck, I hope there's a good turnout and they're all in the market to BUY something, even if less expensive is all they can afford to shell out right now.

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    Vaughn, those all look great, I'll bet they will sell well!

    Best of luck!
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    Nice looking stuff Vaughn I really like the spalted potpourri bowls Best of luck at the show, may it be the best yet

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    Vaughn, your potpourri bowls are absolutely gorgeous. I love the shape and wood choices you made. Nice work!
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    Very good. Surely they will sell. Folks are saying that economy has begun to return. It will take a while (they hope) but has made the turn. Should help some.
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    Beautiful Vaughn. Too bad the show will end too quickly for you. The first person who sees these will buy the entire lot.

    Very well done!

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    Vaughn those are some good looking pieces. The potpourri pots sell well here. I just made some oil lamps and the 3 I made sold. Good luck.
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    Nice looking xstuff there. What arer 'confetti lamps'

    For small stuff we also do keyrings, light pulls, weed pots and bud vases. All of whuich can be knocked up in about 10 - 15 minutes each with a bit of practice and sell cheaply.


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    Good looking bunch.

    Is this the Brentwood show? date?

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