Just saw this over at Toolmonger:

What do you do if you need to sand a curved project that’s too big to get to your oscillating spindle sander — an assembled piece of furniture, for instance? Most of us aren’t big fans of hand sanding, so this Grizzly Handheld Pneumatic Sander looks pretty appealing.

You fill the bladder of the pneumatic sander via a standard tire valve — adjust the hardness of the sanding surface by letting air in and out of the bladder, to conform to whatever surface you’re sanding. Chuck the sander into your standard, air, or cordless drill with a 3/8” chuck; then just pull the trigger and the drill spins the air-filled bladder.

The 4” x 1/8” model sells for $70, and the 7-1/2” x 2-1/4” model sells for $100 — refills of sandpaper start at about $3 each.

Handheld Pneumatic Sander H2881 [Grizzly]
Handheld Pneumatic Sander H2882 [Grizzly]