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Thread: Typical LV Customer Service

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    Typical LV Customer Service

    They do so well that these almost get boring. I had trouble with my Beall tilt box that I got from LV about 6 months ago. Zero and 90 ewre fine but there was an increasing degree (no pun intended) of error as you headed for 45 where it maximized. The error reversed if the box was spun 180.

    Used static measuring devices in the shop and a Wixey to verify that the only thing that didn't agree ws the Beall. Wrote LV to ask if I should talk to them or Beall; their response:

    We would be happy to deal with this for you.
    Would you like to exchange it for another one? If so we can send you a replacement and a Return Label to use to send the original back to us.

    We look forward to your reply.


    Dennis Stimson
    Internet Customer Service Representative

    Sigh, . . . typical . Don't you wish it was typical of so many others?
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    That service just puts them fields apart. These guys understand the clients they deal with and it starts at the very top. You can never say enough about a great store to deal with.

    As the saying goes you get what you pay for.

    I with you Glenn really great store and peace of mind.

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    Great company and another reason why. Thanks for posting Glenn.

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    That kind of service is why I give them as much of my business as I can.

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    Yep, they're amazing. I try to buy as much as possible from them also.


    [For more on good LV service, see here]
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