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    I'm not sure anything was decided Chuck, but remember George Carlin?

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    how can we list them chuck, without violating the tos?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    Ok so we have decided that the use of curse or bad words is to remain as it stands.
    So could we have a list of taboo words so that every one knows what is and what is not ok?
    years back this was hashed and re-hashed and at the time the group of us sitting in the hot seat decided to try and keep the filters intact for the primary offences and to leave the secondary offences to be determined by the moderators that where in office. these folks would/or should, have their fingers on the pulse of the forum and could weigh if "howdy-do" was being used in a manner that was contrary to a "family friendly" environment.
    if folks believe that the coc as written isn`t written well then by all means institute a vote to amend it......on the otherhand if folks believe the current moderators are not interpreting the coc as they read it then wait `till next election and vote in folks who will view things in a similar light.
    the beauty of a member driven forum is that the members decide how the forum moves forward...those of us who set up the coc and the forum itself intended it to remain flexible, the only thing we where certain about is that we wanted all family members from biker cousin fred to grandma mary to feel at home.
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    Chuck, it will be fairly easily defined, for some words, I cannot mention them here, as they will cause the software to cross them out using asterisk them out.

    I think that Vaughn has an image of the banned words somewhere that we could link to, I just did a quick search and could not find it

    The words that are up for interpretation, well, they will always be a moving target, and I imagine that they will change over time, so defining that is going to be a difficult thing to do.

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    Chuck, the filter words are a relatively short list of common curse words or slurs that we figured are particularly 'bad'. Some of George Carlin's list is there, as well as a couple racial or sexual epithets.

    If you really want to see it, here's the list. There's nothing there you haven't seen before (I've know said 'em all), but I think you'll agree none of them have a place here.

    In addition to the filter words, though, there are other "borderline" words that some will feel are OK for a family forum, and others won't. That's where things get interesting for the Mods. It's a sticky wicket, no matter what side of the discussion you're on.
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    I thought we all decided that the best way to answer this question was to simple ask the poster to ask themselves "Would I say this in church?" If the answer is "probably not", then it makes for a strong case not to say so on here.

    Just my take on the topic...
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    What if we don't go to church?
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    Then just ask if you would say them in front of your mother or child.

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    and if you grew up in a household where swearing was common place and no big deal?
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