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Thread: Lightning zapped my modem

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    Lightning zapped my modem

    Thankfully my van modem works. Otherwise, I'd be seriously jonesing for some Internet connectivity. I'm going to go drag it over in person to Time Warner and see what they think about it on Monday. Will be scarce in the meantime. I'm not Mad at anyone, just having to log on from the van instead of the house.

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    That bites Ned. You may go around and turn things on, let them get warm, and turn them off. A neighbor of mine had lightning come in through his cable. It only fried a couple of things, but as he went around turning things off, they wouldn't come back on....a delayed crash.

    I just bought a new UPS that has in/out connections for phone and cable for surge protection. As the lightning was going on around us tonight, it reminded me that I still need to hook it up.

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    Ned, I used to save weird and unusual news articles especially ones that gave me a good laugh. I wasn't able to find this one but a friend told me it was published in the Detroit free press.
    Apparently this guy had been planning a walleye fishing trip for some time and had limited vacation time to take off from work. The big weekend came and he and a buddy were out fishing in an open boat probably on Lake Erie. Of course the weather was terrible with lots of rain and this guy lost his cool and stood up in the boat and started cursing God for ruining his vacation shaking his fishing pole at the heavens. Was killed instantly by a bolt of lightening. His buddy said he started right away with statements of "I 'm not complaining," He also said when he got back to shore that he might start going back to church.

    I've had to replace a few modems and phones over the years. I still love thunderstorms and storms, but, I try to stay away from lightening.

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    I consider myself lucky so far. I lost the audio output on a TV tuner card in one of my PC's after a surge. Apparantly the cable service wasn't properly grounded and the surge on the cable got a channel on a digital modulator and the audio on the PC Tuner. They came and grounded the cable service after that.

    I don't want to tempt fate but so far so goo <kaboom>

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    Bummer Ned. Let's hope TW will replace it without a hassle. I had a similar experience - took out the modem and the ethernet card.

    Glad you've got some back-up!


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    We had that happen in Houston during one of the storms there.. fried our modem and my wife's computer.. luckily mine wasn't damaged. We had Warner cable at the time and they replaced my modem without even a discussion.. biggest pain was finding the time and location to take it back to the Warner office. It was NOT in one of the nice neighborhoods of Houston.
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