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Thread: Holy bowls

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    Holy bowls

    We had a fairly new turner on our UK forum bemoaning the fact that he had gone through the bottom of a bowl. Big club that one

    I posted this to show one way of doing a save and thought it might be of use to some here tho' no doubt it isn't new for a lot of you

    One 12" elm platter with a hole in the bottom

    Wood is too nice to throw so

    make a small pedestal and a button in a contrasting wood that fits through the hole and into the pedestal

    Put all pieces together and voila

    Who's to know it wasn't intended except perhaps another turner who has done the same thing


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    Beautiful "save" Pete. I think the finished product is nicer than the bowl would have been.

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    I guess you didn't need a really nice elm air scoop for the dust collector then??

    That is a nice save and if you don't tell anyone, you can claim that as the original design..
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    Nice save Pete. I like it.
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    Very nice Pete.
    Well done.

    Innovation is the process that renews something that already exists and not, as is commonly assumed, the introduction of something new.

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