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Thread: 11 Drawer Tool Chest

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    11 Drawer Tool Chest

    Here's a very simple tool chest to construct. The drawer bottoms are extended to slide in groves cut into the sides. The front door folds up and locks. It's 24"W, 11"D, 16"H
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 11 Drawer Tool Chest-render-01 (Medium).jpg   11 Drawer Tool Chest-render-02 (Medium).jpg  

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    Great design Ron. I've got one of these on my list. Shortly after I built my CNC router I came up with the idea to do custom inserts for my favorite tools using the cnc, where each tool had it's place. I also realized that I still have teens in the house and I'd not have many of those tools in the next few years. It's still on my to-do list though. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    That is very nice. good job

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    It's a looker Ron. I like the contrasting front panel - it sets off the whole box nicely. And for the drawers, I've seen a number of similar designs and I think it would work well for these smaller drawers - plus I like the "frugal" nature of that detail.
    I was looking at building a similar tool box a while back (another piece on my long list), but ended up with two Kennedy 520 metal boxes. They work and have a certain no-nonsense look and feel about them, but they don't have the panache of a wood tool chest.


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    11 Drawer Tool Chest

    Will you guys stop doing that?

    Geez, I mean,,,I thought that was a photograph of your box. Then I looked closer and saw the chopped edge of the round object the box was on and realized this was Sketch-up.

    I wish I could figure that out so I could use it too.

    Oh, BTW, very nice design, Ron. I'll be waiting to see the finished "real" one.

    Aloha, Tony
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    It was late when I posted this last night and the one thing I neglected to mention was in fact that the photo's are rendered drawings and that you can get the Sketchup model from the 3D Warehouse in my "Creekside Woodshop" Collection. Sorry.

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