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Thread: Finished my Second Bowl

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    Finished my Second Bowl

    Tiger Maple finished with 6 coats of Minwax Satin Wipe-On-Poly and polished with Hut Ultra Gloss. Measures 6-1/2" X 2-1/4" with 1/4" wall thickness through out.

    Still don't have the correct chisels for bowl turning. Used my 3/4" roughing gouge and 1/4" round nose scraper. Will have to get the proper chisels for bowl turning on my next visit to LV.

    As always comments and or suggestions appreciated.
    Thanks for looking.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tiger Maple Bowl Blank (Medium).JPG   Mounted On Headstock (Medium).JPG   Tiger Maple - Six and a Quarter X Two (Medium).JPG   Tiger Maple Bottom (Medium).JPG   Tiger Maple Foot (Medium).JPG  

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    Beautiful bowl and finish Les. Hard to imagine that it is only your 2nd bow.

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    Nice-looking work, Les.

    By the way, I've been busy and haven't had the time to comment on each of your recent posts, but you're doing some very nice work. Welcome to the forum.

    By the way, if you're shopping for a bowl gouge, these are hard to beat at any price:

    Then you can add a handle from Randy at Monster Tools. He's got a "buy two get one free" special going on right now:

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    Opinion - if you decide to buy one of the handles, I would take Monster's deal that Randy is offering. I have one and I have a Oneway. The Oneway has both a 1/2 and 5/8 on each end for securing your tool. Monster has both you can buy but only one hole drilled in one of the ends (you have to tell him if you want 1/2 or 5/8).
    I find the handle from Monster to be a much nicer handle and more fun to use. It simply seems to be a much better made handle and the price right now is a good bargin.............
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    Great looking bowl Les. I would be extremely careful using a spindle roughing gouge on a bowl. My neighbor used one and had a catch which put 13 stitches in his hand.

    I will attest to the handles by Randy Privett. I have one of his and will be getting some more. They are comfortable and well balanced. The Thompson gouges IMHO are second to none.
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    Don't need no stinking bowl gouge..

    That's a good looking bowl... just think how good he's going to do when he gets the right tools
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    Very nice. I'm looking to seeing more from you. Your finish is beautiful. Keep it up.
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