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Thread: Knife making Question

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    Knife making Question

    I am looking for a place or site to find pre-made knife steel so that I can put a wood piece on the knife. I would like to do this for my Best man and Groomsmen for august. Thanks for the help
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    one place to check, and i recommend them, is dixie gun works. they carry just about anything a reenactor could want. from clothes and weaponry, to cookware and cutlery. i double checked, and they still carry a rather impressive selection of knife blades.
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    Jim, I've had great success with Texas Knife Maker's Supply at Their cryo-treated blades are top-notch steel that I'd put up against about any commercial knife I've used (including Wusthof and Global). They do need a final honing, but they are supplied with a good clean bevel to start from.

    Right now I've got three blanks waiting to become hunting knives for my nephews. They're fun, quick projects that you can knock out in a couple evenings.
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    may be the largest supplier of knife making supplies there is.

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    I bought mine from , they've got some good tutorials on there too.

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    All ya had to do is ask yer old man, I have LOT of links for knives. Good question all the same because a few that I have not seen have come up
    Or if you want, we have those old saw blades from your work and you can make your own
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    Woodcraft sells some also, there is one in downtown Grand Rapids.

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